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Here are my comments on my classmates’ blogs.



I like your music preference! I also have a very diverse taste in the type of music that I like. Your analogy of listening to different types of music to dressing up was wonderful and makes a lot of sense to me. When I listen to different types of music I can tell a difference in my mood. If I want to feel happy – bubbly pop crap it is. It’s emotional dress up.

I don’t think judging anyone’s mental status by the first five songs that are played would be very good. I would imagine that most people have a wide variety of music available. I think it would be interesting to see how diverse a person’s play list is and why they have the songs that they do. There’s nothing wrong with a little bipolar when it comes to music.


Do you think that as you get older that you will continue to add bands and/or genres to what you prefer? You said, “I want my taste in music to show what kind of person I am.” I think this is a very interesting statement to make. Personally, I do not discuss my taste in music to very many people. I also don’t think that the music I listen to accurately portrays me as a person. How do you communicate who you are with your music choices?



I agree that good writing can come from anywhere. I do disagree that the writing needs to instantly catch the reader’s attention. I’ve read some incredibly dry journal articles that I would never say were catchy. But they were good. I consider them good because they effectively communicated information that I was interested in.

I liked your paragraph on feelings. Some of my favorite books I can reread and they take me back to the point in time where I first found them. Nonfiction has done the same for me as well. I want to know more, do something. NOW! But I don’t think that emotions or feelings are a quality that makes a piece good. Instructions can be good writing. They can also be bad (talking to you IKEA).

I believe that ultimately whatever we decide makes writing less than good can, in the right circumstances, contribute to good writing. It all depends on what the purpose of the writing is and who its intended audience is.


I think you did an amazing job of describing what makes good writing. Content is not necessarily important, but it can help. Good writing can be about anything. It is how the writing is presented that makes it work or not.

The acronym that you gave is a wonderful template for how to set up a sentence. Like any template, strict adherence can lead to mechanical writing that lacks the author’s individualism. Learn the rules so that they can be broken later.