Imitation of The Tale of Jemima Puddle-Duck


What an amusement it is to hear of a young girl  of desperate for a puppy!


This is the story of Poppy, who was despondent because her mother would not buy her a puppy of her own.


Her toy doll Francis, was happy to hauled around the house to keep Poppy company “I have not the desire to be chewed on by a puppy; and neither do you, Poppy. You will not remember to feed it; you know you won’t!”


“I want to have my own puppy; I will love it and feed it,” cried Poppy.


She attempted to adopt a puppy; but the shelter would not let her take the puppy home and took each one away.


Poppy became quite creative. She formulated a plan to steal a puppy from the house next door.


She went into action on a bright summer day down the street that leads across the park by the lake.


She was wearing her favorite summer dress and carried a wicker basket.


When she reached the other side of the park, she realized her neighbor’s was still off a ways off.


She knew that she could reach it.


Poppy was not a fan of running. She started at a trot down the path, and then she launched into a full run.


She ran quickly when she took time to get started.


She jogged through the park looking for an opening in her neighbor’s fence, where the fence and the shrubs had grown apart.


Poppy slowed down and began to look for a way to gain access to the kennel inside the neighbor’s yard. She wanted an easy way to get access to the puppies kept just out of her reach.


But – there in the yard, she was surprised to come across a small bunny eyeing her curiously. He had button nose and a carrot in his mouth.


“Hello?” said Poppy, with her basket open and her chest heaving – “Hello?”.


The bunny twitched his nose quickly and gazed cautiously at Poppy –


“Young girl, have you realized you’re in the wrong yard?” said he. He had a white bushy tail which he would twitch, as the wind was blowing in new sounds.


Poppy thought him cute and cuddly. She told the bunny that she had not gone into the wrong yard, but that she was looking to find a puppy to adopt.


“Hmm! Are you sure? I suppose!” said the bunny with a button nose, gazing at Poppy. He stopped the twitching of his tail and sat completely still.


Poppy cried of the unfairness of her parents.


“Really! How tragic! I hope I never deal with them. I would tell them to relax their hash rules!


“But as to a puppy – there plenty of them here: I have a couple of them in my yard here. Of course, my sweet child, no one would notice if you took own for your own. You can take all the time you want,” said the white fluffy-tailed bunny.


He guided the path to an overused, depressing looking kennel at the far end of the yard.


It was constructed of metal posts and chain link fence, and there were a couple of small holes, patched together with junk from the yard.


“This is the kennel I run; you would not like my other shelter- my pet store- so welcoming,” said the friendly bunny.


There was a small dish at the front of the kennel, used once for some other purpose. The bunny moved some of the rubble and the two walked in.


The kennel was completely full of the mess of the puppies – it was almost unbearable; but it was nearby and there were puppies.


Poppy was shocked to see so many puppies. But it was close; and she started looking for a puppy of her own.


When she found her way out, the fluffy-tailed bunny was sitting in grass munching on a fresh carrot – at least this carrot was fresh, but he was intently waiting for the young girl to come out.


He was so friendly that he appeared sad that Poppy had to go home for the afternoon. He committed to making sure that her favorite puppy would be there when she came back the next day.

He said he loved puppies and had a good feeling about the young girl, he would be happy to have her make one of them her own.

Poppy came across the park each day; she played with all the puppies in the kennel. They were all excited and jumped and played. The quiet bunny watched intently. He kept his distance and plotted to make each puppy the most desirable when Poppy went home each evening.

At last Poppy told him that she had plans to take a puppy the next day — “and I will bring my a leash so that I will have a way to take home my furry friend. It might try to run away.,” said the excited Poppy.

“Madam, I there is no need to bring a leash; I will have one for you. But before you select your new furry friend, I want you to have something to remember me by. Let us have a tea party, just the two of us!

“I must ask you to bring the tea and some vegetables to snack on? Carrots and celery, and lettuce and ripe cucumbers, and some ranch dip. I will provide the cups for the tea,” said the excited bunny with a fluffy tail.

Poppy was a young child; not even the mention of all the vegetables made her question the bunny’s intention of stocking his food stores.

She snuck into her family garden, gathering up of all the vegetables that are known to be favorites of rabbits.

And she wandered into the kitchen and got the biggest bottle of ranch dip out of the refrigerator.

Her brother Mac saw her on her way out, “What are you doing with all those vegetables?? Where do you go everyday while I am at school, Poppy?”

Poppy craved the acceptance of her brother; she told him the whole story.

Her brother listened, with his more greater wisdom; he laughed at the idea of a tea party between a young girl and a fluffy-tailed bunny.

He listened intently and was able to figure out exactly which neighbor across the park had the kennel and puppies.

Then he walked out, and headed towards the baseball field. He went looking for two of his firend who he played baseball with.

Poppy set out across the park one last time, on a warm summer day. She was slowed by the bunch of vegetables and the awkward size of the ranch dip she carried in her basket.

She ran across the park, and finally made it to the kennel of the fluffy-tailed bunny.

He was jumping around the yard; he kept glancing around taking time to sniff the air. When Poppy snuck through the fence he froze.

“Come back here as soon as you take a look at your future puppy. Give me the tea and the vegetables for our party. Quickly now!”

He was more skittish than he had ever been. Poppy couldn’t remember him ever speaking to her in such a manner.

She was confused and put off.

While she was sneaking into the kennel she thought she heard her the crunch of dried grass. Someone with a pink button nose was poking around the junk keeping the dogs in.

She felt confused and became suspicious.

While she played with the puppies near where the junk pile that kept the puppies in there was a crash – banging, clanging, junk toppling, bang, squeak.

And that was the last that the neighborhood saw of that fluffy-tailed bunny.

Presently Mac found his way into the kennel and picked up Poppy.

Unfortunately, Mac’s friends were careless with the gate and all the puppies escaped before he could stop them.

He had a cut on his hand and both his friends where laughing.

Poppy was marched home hysterical about not getting a puppy.

She hatched another plan some months later, and she was set to put it in action; but she never acted on it.

Poppy said that it was because she got a new toy doll; but she had never been a focused child.




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