An imitation of This Is a Photograph of Me by Margaret Atwood

This is a Reflection of Me

I saw it some time ago.

At first is seems to be

a rippled

likeness: waves and current


reflecting in the water;



then, as you continue to look

at it, you see towards the left

a glimpse of something: a fin

of a fish

(koi or sunfish) swimming

and, to the right, just a little further

what ought to be a gentle

stream, a group of rocks.



A cross the pond there is a forest,

And beyond that, threatening




(The reflection appeared

the moment before I drowned.



I am in the pond, just under

the surface, looking up no longer looking




It is difficult to see where

precisely, or to see

the effects the water has had:

the effect of fish

on their lunch changes appearances



but if you glance in just the right


you can see what is left of me.)


An Imitation of the first paragraph of Ernest Hemingway’s The Three Day Blow

The sun stopped shining as Jenn walked up the path to the old farm house. The lawn had been mowed and the rain began falling gently on the path. Jenn stopped and looked up atthe grey sky, noticing how the rain was darkening the walk further. The rain fell gently on her mascaraed eyelashes. The walk went from the road up to the porch of the old farm house. There was the garden, plants withering, bugs enjoying their lunch. In back was the garage, the animal pens, and the river cutting through the country side like a knife. The river rushed further down the way as she walked up. It was the first of the spring storms.

Writing Sideways

The free soul is rare, but you know it when you see it – basically because you feel good, very good, when you are near or with them. – Charles Bukowski in Tales of Ordinary Madness

Descriptive, multiple parts, repetition

The ____ ____ is ____, but ___ ____ it ____ ___ ___ it – _________ because ___ ____ ____, ____ ____, ____ you ___ ____ or ____ _____.

The caged lion is common, but you see it and you worship it – tragically because he’s a reflection, a reflection, of you and yours or your future.



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