Music & Personality

I do not believe that a person’s personality can be determined by the random selection of songs from their music collection. At any point in time different music has spoken to me. I enjoy a wide breadth of music – classical, pop, oldies, country, rap, etc. The first five songs that would be played could be from any number of artists that I may or may not currently care for. The songs would have been selected over many years with just as many different reasons for feeling drawn to that particular genre of music.

 Am I rebellious because Eyedea and Abilities is played? Am I bubbly and happy because Britney Spears makes an appearance? Am I dark and depressive because of Lana Del Rey?

 Perhaps I am all of those things, but not one song or a random sample of the music I enjoy can possibly ascertain even a partial understanding of my personality. The selection would only provide a snapshot in time. I think a better question would be is why is that song on your playlist? What was going on when you found that song? What draws you to that song or group?

 I am a complex creature made up of many different, often conflicting thoughts, hopes, dreams, beliefs, loves, and hates. Trying to personify all that I am in five random songs removes so much of who I am.



6 thoughts on “Music & Personality

  1. It’s true that it can be very hard encapsulate an entire personality in one song, but I think my toddler niece would argue that everything about her can be said in “if you’re happy and you know it” haha!


  2. Wow. Your blog was well written and you made a very good point. I think for most people, our favorite songs change because we are changing too. I know that my favorite songs are the ones that I can connect to. What my favorite song was five years ago definitely is not my favorite song today. I used to listen to disney tracks and now I am obsessed with Alternative and Indie music. I think using songs to define us is impossible because we are always changing. Great point.


  3. Great blog post! I agree that it is difficult to base your personality on 5 random songs because our taste in music is always changing! I think that our music types can show how we grow and mature as a person. The music I listen to now is definitely not the music I used to listen to and I hope that as I grow older my choice in music matures with me.


  4. Good read. I definitely agree with the fact that these songs don’t entirely encapsulate us as people, nor do they define our personalities or virtues/vices. I do, however, think that these songs can give unfamiliar people a “taste” of what we are like, since the music we listen to in our free time is something that usually matches up with what makes us feel “at home” or “happy”. Thanks for sharing!


  5. Very good blog. I like how you said that just a few songs cannot sum up your personality. There is so much depth to people when it comes to their selection of music. Nice post!


  6. Way to be contrary (which I consider to be a good thing!) I agree we don’t know who you are via your shuffled music, but don’t you think we at least get an insight into you?


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